Nicolai Canetti formed Canetti Design Group in New York City in 1980, as a vehicle to manufacture, market and distribute its own products.

Well ahead of its time, Canetti has been an innovative force in every category of the home and office product design, from clocks to bags, to desk accessories, picture frames to furniture and phones, with many others following his lead.

Throughout its nearly 40 years in the home goods and lifestyle industry, Canetti has designed truly unique pieces. From Post Modern, Memphis Milano Design to Bauhaus, Minimalist lovers, Canetti designed products fit all the styles of timeless creations.

Since the beginning of his career Nicolai Canetti has believed that the general consumer deserves to own, use, and enjoy well designed, functional items on a daily basis, and not only viewed when visiting
a museum.

Canetti continues to design and create new products that will thrive well into the future.