History of the Magnet Frame

The concept behind Canetti frames has always been to create a frameless frame, in which the frames does not detract from the photo or object being displayed. Since its inception, that goal has been achieved through a variety of different styles, eventually leading to todays most popular style, the Original Magnet Frame ®. 

Please look through the history of our Magnet Frame product line, with a variety of iterations and designs, bringing us to the present line. 

  • Attached Two-Panel Frame - an early attempt at a frameless frame. The photo was slipped in between two attached panels.
  • GEO Frame - two separate, thin sheets of glass with the photo(s) between them, held together by a solid object made from materials such as marble or rubber.
  • Wood Two-Panel Cube Frame - various methods were used to hold two panels together.
  • Wood Two-Panel Frame - various methods were used to keep the two panels together.
  • Acrylo Frame - a very popular style, still in demand today. Two acrylic panels held together with rubber ‘O’ rings around each corner. A precursor to the Original Magnet Frame ®.
  • Wood Cube Frame - used blocks of wood to hold the acrylic panels together. Also one of the first frames in a shape other than a traditional rectangle.
  • Acrylic Cylinder Frame - held photos between two cylinders, allowed for a 360 degree view of the frame.
  • Easel Magnet Frame - first iteration of the Magnet Frame, using tinted acrylic to look like glass.
  • Multiple Magnet Frame - four frames in one, with four separate panels held to one large panel. Showcase four photos in one frame.
  • Cube Magnet Frame - uses the cube design of the Wood Cube Frame but with the new magnet technology applied, holding two thick pieces of crystal clear acrylic. Still sold today.
  • The current Original Magnet Frame ® is Canetti’s ultimate creation. It is the most true-to-form example of the “frameless frame” ideal.