History of the Magnet Frame

The concept behind Canetti frames has always been to create a “frameless frame” in which the frame does not detract from the photo or object being displayed, but rather shows it off to its fullest. This initial goal was achieved over thirty years ago with a variety of different styles, eventually leading to today’s most popular style, the Original Magnet Frame.

The GEO Frame was one of the first frames to use two separate thin sheets of glass with the photo (or two back-to-back) between them, held together by a solid object made from materials such as marble or rubber.

The Attached Two Panel Frame was one of the first attempts at a frameless frame. The photo slipped in between the two attached panels.

Various methods were used to keep the two panels together over the years, like the
Wood Two Panel Frame and ColumnTwo Panel Frame pictured here.

A very popular style was the Acrylo Frame, which is still in demand today. Two acrylic panels are held together with rubber ‘O’ rings around each corner.

A precursor to the Original Magnet Frame.

The Wood Cube Frame used blocks of wood to hold the acrylic panels together. This was also one of the first frames in a shape other than a traditional rectangle.

The Acrylic Cylinder Frame trapped photos between two cylinders and allowed for a 360 degree view of the frame no matter where in the room you were.

The Magnet Frame is born!

In the mid 1990’s the first Magnet Frame was introduced which consisted of two acrylic panels with tinted green edges made to look like old glass. A smaller front panel was held to a larger back panel with tiny magnets and stands as an easel.

The Glass Look Magnet Frame used the same green edge of the Easel Magnet Frame but was the first free-standing magnet frame consisting of two equal-sized acrylic panels held together by tiny magnets.

Since then Canetti has developed many variations of the Original Magnet Frame. It has become our most popular item, known for its simple but elegant design and its high quality material and durability.

The Cube Magnet Frame used the cube design of the Wood Cube Frame but applied it with the new magnet technology holding two thick pieces of crystal clear acrylic.

The Multiple Magnet Frame was four frames in one with four separate panels held to one large panel. You could put in four of the same photo or mix and match.

The current Original Magnet Frame is Canetti’s ultimate creation. It is the most true-to-form example of the “frameless frame” ideal.

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