Our Mission

Our company’s mission is to create well-designed, yet functional consumer products for everyone’s home and office.

This was our mission when the company was formed over thirty years ago, and it still continues to be our mission today.

When we started, the North American market lagged behind Europe in its understanding and appreciation of the benefits of good product design, but today the US market has opened and is very eager to accept and use better designs in every aspect of daily life. People care more about how products that surround them and they use daily look, feel, and most importantly, represent them.

Functionality and quality are still the main keys to good product design, but now if common objects such as a teakettle, a clock, a phone, or a picture frame while functional also look attractive and elegant, it makes the owner feel better about his/her surroundings.

Product design has become as much a personal status symbol as only fashion and cars used to always be and still are.

When we started out in 1984 we were unique, and actually quite ahead of our time. The mission of Canetti Design Group then was to bring good product design into the mainstream; finally we are now seeing the results of our continuous efforts.


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