History of Canetti Design Group

Canetti Design Group has a rich history spanning over three decades. Throughout the years, Canetti products have included everything from luxury bags to clocks, from phones to the frames we are known for today. 

Please take a look through some of our retired products to get an idea of how Canetti has helped pioneer design into the home and office over the last thirty years. 

  • WE SET THE TIMES by Canetti
  • SoftWALKIE TALKIE by Canetti
  • ACTIVETime Clock Collection by Canetti
  • Various collections by Canetti
  • STYLISH Collection by Canetti
  • ARTime Clock Collection by Canetti
  • Safari Collection in Supraleather by Canetti
  • SoftPHONE by Canetti
  • SoftCALCULATOR by Canetti
  • DISC clocks and time pieces by Canetti
  • ARTime Clock Collection by Canetti
  • Colorful wall clocks by Canetti