Our Founder

To understand the success of Canetti Design Group one needs only to examine the rich and extensive background of its founder and president, international designer Nicolai Canetti.

Nicolai Canetti’s exciting career has literally spanned the globe. Fluent in six languages, he has lived, studied and worked in the United States, Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, as well as the Middle East.

Nicolai Canetti formed Canetti Design Group in New York City circa 1984 as a design firm as well as a vehicle for the manufacture, marketing and distribution of his own created products. Canetti has produced many innovative and highly successful product lines, from Desk Accessories to Clocks, Bags, and Picture Frames. Canetti has been an innovative force in every aspect of the home/office product field of design and has built a solid reputation, receiving international acclaim with numerous design awards and write-ups for his creations.

Nicolai Canetti strongly believed, since the beginning of his career, that the general public, and not only museums, deserves to own, use and enjoy good design. His goal has been achieved, as today there are a vast variety of well-designed products being sold in the market and across the board.

At the beginning Canetti was a pioneer. Today his dreams are coming true. Yet he is still a dreamer
 and continues to design and create new products that will thrive well into the future.


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